Time Timer, LLC

Time Timer, LLC

Time Timer is the original visual timer, and has helped people of all ages and ability levels manage their time better for 20 years. Trusted by educators and therapists around the world, Time Timer's award-winning products help keep individuals, students, teachers, administrators and entire classrooms on track and on time.

Easy to see and operate, Time Timer's disappearing colored disk helps everyone intuitively understand how much time is left. That visual helps students stay focused and feel empowered, even if they aren't able to tell time on a digital or analog clock. Time Timer's silent operation and optional alert at the end of timing make it the perfect resource for any time and sound sensitive activity, like working problem sets or testing.

==> The ORIGINAL visual timer

==> Easy to use and to see from across the room

==> Silent operation - no harsh, loud ticking

==> Clockwise movement of the disk reinforces time management and time-telling skills

The Time Timer is a go-to resource for empowering students in any kind of classroom.