Learning Advantage, Inc

Learning Advantage, Inc

Learning Advantage is a distributor and manufacturer of hands-on teaching aids and educational products since 2001.  Based on the concept of learning by doing, sensing, and feeling, our products complement various learning styles and are designed for grades Pre-K through high school. 

Hands-on manipulatives engage tactile or kinesthetic learners who need touch or movement to focus and retain knowledge.  For example, elapsed time and duration of time subjects are difficult for some students to grasp and digital clocks only make it harder as students are failing to adequately learn to tell time using analog clocks. The award winning Elapsed Time Ruler™ was created to address this difficulty and help teachers instruct students on elapsed time and duration of time questions.

Auditory learners, using hands-on manipulatives, talk through the learning process while visual learners see and observe what others are doing.  Our FractionViewer™ allows everyone to see and understand parts of a whole more easily with color!  This hands-on manipulative enables students to visualize fractions in simplest form and their equivalences at the same time.  Another outstanding tool for visual learners is the AngleViewer™It eliminates the need for the old protractor.  With AngleViewer™, angles are now accessible to students of all learning styles and levels.

The award winning F.U.N.™ Empty Number Line System serves as an excellent tool to help solve a wide range of mathematical problems across grade levels.  It explores the extensive versatility of the number line, while incorporating a motivational manipulative aspect. Numbers can be moved, matched and plotted, up and down the entire number line.  A powerful visual representation for sharing students’ thinking strategies and developing number sense.

Working with hands-on models in small groups through conversation strengthens knowledge and comprehension for social learners as well.   Our hand-crafted, wooden Simple Machine Models are engaging to work with.  Children (and adults) can’t resist turning gears, changing angles, changes masses, etc…  Before they know it, they are experimenting and learning basic physics principles in a direct, hands-on fashion.

Teacher-conducted research indicates that academic games can have a significant effect on student achievement.  Our broad range of bingo-style QUIZMO® games encompasses several content areas of education including mathematics, language arts, and more.   math-fact-oh!™ games, a great alternative to flash cards, build and reinforce basic math skills while improving memory and concentration learning through play, active engagement, and fun!


As major national and state standards continue to evolve and affect teachers across the United States, our hands-on teaching aids remain a key component complementing many language arts, science, and mathematical practices used in today’s classrooms.